Restore Your Smile With Comfort & Ease

Restore Your Smile With Comfort & Ease

Watch this video or read the transcript below to see how Dr. Lebowitz was able to restore this patient’s smile back to eating and talking with comfort. Call 602.264.2905 today for your restorative dentistry!

Steve Gigous (Patient) : “I was just driving down the road, next thing I know I was getting pulled out of the trunk. They thought I was dead, they were covering my face.”

Narrator: “It was a usual day on the job, when a tire blew, flipping the semi, Steve Gigous was driving, shattering his face and body. He was in a coma for 10 days.

Dr. Lebowitz: “He was on feeding tubes. He could not brush, and decay became ramped. The teeth become the last thing they worry about. You don’t die from your teeth, but from the other injuries you could.”

Narrator: “Gigous pulled through and finally saw Dr. Michael Lebowitz’s care, for his teeth, but being scared of going to the dentist all his life, his mouth was neglected long before the accident.”

Dr. Lebowitz: “He needed someone to come and manage in order to get him comfortable and healthy again.”

Steve Gigous:  “When I was in the navy they made me visit the dentist but ever since then I just don’t like going to the dentist because they always hurt and I’m always in a lot of pain.  With Dr. Lebowitz it was nothing. He pulled five teeth and before I even knew it, he was done. “

Dr. Lebowitz: “We cleaned up his decay, and removed his broken teeth. Whether the parts were related to the injury or not related to the injury, there was more treatment in just gaining trust and gaining that relationship to actually accomplish the treatment, then the treatment itself.”

Steve Gigous: “I can eat better now. My jaw doesn’t hurt anymore. I can open my mouth all the way again.”

Narrator: “Feeling blessed to be alive, now it’s the little things that give Gigous the most joy.”

Steve Gigous: “Eating peanuts when I’m out watching the baseball game”